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Technology Leadership 2005: Road Map for Systemic Change

Setting the Stage: The Critical Role of Shared Vision

Thursday, June 30, 2005

Philadelphia Convention Center, Room 201B

The impact of vision (or lack thereof!)



Tools for developing a vision


Handout 1:

Articulating Your Personal Vision for a Technology-Supported Learning Environment and

Articulating My Vision (excerpts from Self-Assessment Activities for School Administrators)


Handout 2:

Organizing your Committee (excerpt from The Electronic Briefcase for Administrators)


Helpful links:



National Educational Technology Plan Action Steps





Forward-Thinking, Shared Vision


Community: Data put a face on shared vision

Vision, Leadership, and Change


Distribution of Resources


Allocating Resources in an Education Reform Environment:

Findings from 12 School Districts


Resource Allocation Practices and Student Achievement



Professional Development

Providing Professional Development for Effective Technology Use

Between Technology and Teacher Effectiveness: Professional Development

Factors that Affect the Effective Use of Technology for Teaching and Learning


Think-Pair-Share Activity




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