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Leadership Symposium 2005

Technology Leadership Issues for Today’s School Administrator


Morning Activities–Tools for Change



National Educational Technology Standards Project



The Essential Conditions


National Education Technology Plan



Levels of Technology Use (Apple Classrooms of Tomorrow Report)


  • You may download two templates and step sheets to use when planning and observing technology-based lessons at the ISTE online bookstore

Look for the Technology Supported Lesson Plan and Technology Supported Lesson Observation templates. The step sheets are found in the Chapter excerpt.


  •  Video: Promising Practices: Recognizing and Supporting Teaching with Technology (SERVE, (800) 352-6001)


Digital Immigrants, Digital Natives


  • Blog your examples of digital accents


Book: The World is Flat: A Brief History of the Twenty-first Century, Thomas L. Friedman



Afternoon Activities–Personal Productivity for Administrators


Click here to take the online survey.



Research base




Keeping Up with Trends in Technology (free enews)



Online survey tools


  • Activity 1 (See handout)



Another free, easy-to use Hotlist builder is TrackStar.







School blogs:   Meriwether Lewis Elementary School

                                Hunterdon Central Regional High School


            Teacher blogs: Carmack’s Critters

                                 Senior English

                                 Sarah, Plain and Tall


            Administrator blogs: Principal’s Quest

                                 Educational Technology by Tim Lauer, (principal,

                                 Meriwether Lewis Elementary School)


            School Administrators and Blogging (Susan's blog)



            Blog Directories:



Blogging tool: Blogger.com 

  • Activity 3 (See handout)





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