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Activity 1. Make your own screencast (tutorial videos, Educreations – Creating a Lesson and Screencast-O-Matic).

         Working in teams, choose one of the apps or web-based tools listed on the online agenda.

         Create a 1 – 2 minute screencast about any topic. Please include:

o   a title slide

o   a slide with at least one image

o   a blank slide for annotations

o   annotations on the slide with an image and on the blank slide

o   voice narration

         Save your screencast. Add the URL to this Google Sheet.


Activity 2a. Review 2 lessons in the screencast library in Show Me or Educreations.

        Working in teams:

         Open the ShowMe app*, click on the globe Explore button, search/select a lesson to review OR explore the Show Me web site (*you may have to exit the initial recording screen that shows up when you launch the app)

         Open the Educreations app, click on the star on the left  side, explore the Features Lessons OR explore the Educreations web site

         Select and review two existing screencasts. Discuss the screencasts with team members. What works? What doesn’t work? What can you learn from these about making screencasts of your own?

         Be prepared to share with the whole group.


Activity 2b. Working in teams, review 2 student-created tutorials posted at one of the links below.       


         Is It Worth It? Student Created Tutorials - scroll down to access examples


         6 Wonderful Tech Video Tutorials Created by Kids

         Be prepared to share with the whole group.