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Common Ground activity

Wallwisher board



1.  Learner-Centered Leadership and Campus Culture

Visual Ranking Tool

Student log-in


2. Learner-Centered Communications and Community Relationships


Twitter, Facebook and School Administrators 

     Wallwisher board


     Skrbl Graffiti board



Twitter resources

      How to Sign Up for Twitter

      5 Twitter Uses for School Leaders

      Get Twitter on your Site


School/District news on Twitter

      Chesterfield Schools: @ccpsinfo

      Hillsborough Schools: @HillsboroughSch

      Primrose Schools: @PrimroseSchools

      Kraig D. Pritts: @kdpritts

      Christopher Brown: @cbrownwgcsd

      John Roach: @SuptRoach


Facebook resources

      How to Sign Up for a Facebook Account     

      School Facebook Pages article 

      Facebook Pages vs. Facebook Groups 

      How to set up a Facebook page 

School/District Facebook pages

      Portland Public Schools 

      Upton Noble Primary School Snow Closure page 

      Lincoln High School 

      Patapsco High School and Center for the Arts 

3. Learner-Centered Instructional Leadership and Management

Twitter for professional growth

      Twitter PLNs 

      Using Twitter to Develop and Maintain PLNs


Educators to follow

      Tim Lauer (elementary principal) @timlauer

      Chris Lehmann (high school principal) @chrislehmann

      Bob Pritchard (superintendent) @Bob_Pritchard,

      Michael Berry (elementary principal) @principalberry;

      Greg Dhuyvetter (superintendent) @GDhuyvetter,

      Barbara Barreda (K-8 principal) @bbarreda

            Twitter for classroom use

                  31 Interesting Ways 

                  100 Ways to Teach with Twitter 

                  Twitter in the Classroom 


            Facebook and other social media in the classroom

                  100 Ways You Should Be Using Facebook in your Classroom  

                  100 Inspiring Ways to Use Social Media in Classroom

4. Learner-Centered Curriculum Planning and Development

Overview of Google Docs

                  Google Docs in Plain English

                  TICAL QuickTakes (includes several for Google Docs)

                  Google Docs 101 (10 video tutorials)

                  Google Apps Education (online docs tutorial)


            Google Spreadsheets and Forms

                  Google Docs


            Google Docs for word processing

                  Google Docs tour

                  Google Docs Help

                  Google Docs

                  What's New in Google Docs?

                  Google Apps Education (online docs tutorial)


            Google Presentations

                  Google Docs

                  Google Apps Education (online presentations tutorial)

5. Learner-Centered Organizational Leadership and Management


      Building Blocks for Digital Citizenship LiveBinder            



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