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Monitoring Student Internet Use: 10 Tips for Teachers

Agenda for NCCE Session

Link to full article with tips and supporting information in Today's Catholic Teacher magazine. 

1. Know the provisions of your Accpetable Use Policy (AUP) and follow them.

2. Model acceptable use and adherence to copyright policies.

3. Teach specific lessons about Internet Safety skills.

Ideas for Internet safety skills can be found at:
4. Provide opportunities for students to problem solve solutions for handling uncomfortable situations online.
Find Internet safety scenarios at:
5. Arrange computers and peripherals for easy monitoring.
6. Use a Web site evaluation tool when selecting sites for classroom use.
Web Site assessment forms may be found at:

7. Complete all online activities yourself, before using them with students.

8. Use online planning tools to create your own Internet-based lessons.

Build your own Web-based lessons using:

9. Set up 'dummy' email addresses for sites that require registration.

10. Be visible.