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MNPS: June 2008

Online agenda for June 2008.

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Overview of day and participant expectations


21st Century Skills




Intel Visual Ranking Tool (click link to set up your own account)

          Student login  (Teacher ID is sjbrooksyoung)


Partnership for 21st Century Skills

          Are They Really Ready to Work? report 


Technology Literacy and the MySpace Generation, Susan McLester


Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants, Marc Prensky


NETS for Students, Teachers, and Administrators


ISTE's NETS project


MNPS wiki page (password is workshop)


The Essential Conditions for Successful Technology Implementation


Essential Conditions


Brainstorming activity


Intel Visual Ranking Tool

          Student login  (Teacher ID is sjbrooksyoung)

Recognizing and Supporting Effective Use of Technology


MNPS wiki page (password is workshop)

Observation tools

Redesigning Professional Development for the 21st Century


MNPS wiki page (password is workshop)

Models and resources--Introduction to the TICAL portal for administrators.


TICAL portal

Activity handout

Closing reflection and wrap-up


All participants: Please complete this survey.

Need TASL credit? Be sure to complete that survey as well!


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