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TPACK and SAMR: Models for Effective Technology Integration

All resources mentioned in today's session are linked below.

Teacher Leader Conference 2 August 2012 by USDOE







Brainstorming Activity (Using Google Sheets)

New Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs


The importance of professional development


Professional Development for Technology Integration Paper

Teacher Development Research Review

Barriers to the Successful Integration of ICT in Teaching and Learning Environments

Integrating Technology in Education


Frameworks for planning technology-support instruction



        Resources: TPACK Framework (Bag the Web Collection)

        What Is TPACK?

        Teaching with Digital Technologies

        To TPACK or Not to TPACK


      Content wheel (click back arrow after spinning wheel-do not remove a topic)

      Pedagogy wheel (click back arrow after spinning wheel-do not remove a topic)




        ISTE Standards for Students (Bag the Web Collection)

        Statements of Learning for Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)

        Information and Communication Technology (ICT) competence

        Information and Communication Technology (ICT) capability

        ICT in Education


Impact of personal technology proficiency


        Resources: SAMR Model (Bag the Web Collection)

        Teaching with Digital Technologies

        The SAMR Model

        Application of the SAMR model


Sample Activity Plan template (Australia)