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SYTA 2013: August 23, 2013

10 Tips for Leveraging Student’s Mobile Technology

8th Grade Cedar Point Trip by technochick




Ahead of Time

1.       Infrastructure—Make sure your network will be able to handle the demands of student use.

2.       School Acceptable Use Policy—You need to know what students may (or may not) do while in your care.

3.       Survey Students—Find out what mobile technologies students will have with them.

4.       Identify Similarities and Differences—Identify the commonalities across devices

5.       Cross-Platform Apps—Research availability of apps that run across platforms

6.       Student Install Apps—Send a list of free apps to download before the trip


During the Trip

7.       Set Behavior Expectations—Establish expectations and standards

8.       Meaningful Activities—Communicate with teacher(s) to select activities that support classroom learning.

9.       Clear Objectives—Your staff can clearly articulate what students are asked to do and why.

10.   Teamwork—Greater student learning, fewer discipline problems.


Bonus Tip—After the Trip

11.   Follow-Up—Brings closure for students, but can also result in marketing material for you.